LAZER LAMPS verlichting

Lighting Performance

Our dual optic reflector system ensures unparalleled light output for on and off road applications. Our lamps deliver extreme luminosity in the close-mid range, while assuring outstanding range for on-road driving.

Our fully ECE approved Lazer ST-4 headlamp delivers roughly three times the light output compared against a conventional halogen product (generally around 1100 lumens for an H7 product). At 3472 raw lumens, the Lazer ST-4 delivers a similar amount of light to an OE HID system, and approximately double the light output from an aftermarket HID system.

Comparison against Halogen ; with the wall at 25m, a side view is a good way to get a sense of perspective on the performance of these products.

Light output shown in these images is from a single ST-4.

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